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Bulk REOs Made Easy For Investors

Buy Foreclosed Homes $19,995 - $24,995
29 to 47c on Current Market Value
Over 20 States Available

We Manage Every Phase
Including Rental Property Management & Resale

Reliable 90-125%+ Return On Sale
Usually in 6 to 9 Months To Tenant Owner

OR Hold for Income - 25% - 35% Cash On Cash Return

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    Becoming Wealthy in the Foreclosure Meltdown

    History is being made as the US Foreclosure market reaches an all-time high, even higher than the great depression!
    This is one of the greatest opportunities in US history for those who have inside knowledge to become wealthy!
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    Investing In Foreclosures

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Direct Access to Bulk REOs

We work directly with compilers at major banks and hedge-funds that are unloading big blocks of REOs. Banks need to to move the bulk units to maintain regulatory and liquidity requirements. Portfolios are being offered at incredible discounts. The larger the sale the greater the discount.

The key to your success in this cut throat industry lies in working with reliable sources.

View Our Bulk REO Compiler Relationships

Demand for such property is intense. Our current list of buyers includes an Israeli investor, a European institution, a handful of U.S. hedge funds, Dubai based institutions and a number of smaller investment companies interested in smaller sized portfolios ( a lot of foreign investors are interested with the dollar at historically low levels).

Turnkey Effortless Bulk REO Investments
Compiler acquires, manages and sells Bulk REO Portfolio, You Make the Profit

Do you have a strategy in place to dispose of the Bulk REOs you are purchasing?
We are in direct contact with a Bulk REO compiler out of California. We will arrange for the acquisition of a bulk reo portfolio for you or your client, review the legitimacy and conduct a feasibility study on the tape, and provide a 120 day disposition of assets.

Send us an email to sales@reinalliance.com and we'll mail you an executive summary.
Once we receive your initial request for information, we will present the details of this opportunity to you and put you in direct contact with the compiler.

We Put You On the Phone With Our Trusted Compilers Within Hours
We estimate that the current Bulk REO run rate is currently at $30 billion a month, see our analysis below. We link buyers with sellers of bulk REO packages, and custom tailored orders to meet our investor's needs. Our properties and investors are 'Grade A' with considerable due diligence on our part to confirm the resources and the viability of the buyers as well as all information on our properties that would be needed for an investor to make an informed decision on whether to add a particular investment to their portfolio.

We customize packages to fit the needs of the individual investor, and these customized packages vary from $2,000,000 or more in current fair market value and can be cross-sectioned by geographical area, type of property, or any other criteria, and can be completed in 5 business days.

View Our Bulk REO Compiler Relationships

Mortgage Crisis - Adversity Creates Opportunity
The stock market looks vulnerable. Bonds are not a good place to be in a declining rate environment. Commodities look just as vulnerable in a slowing economic environment. Private equity and institutional investors are searching for ways to generate excess market returns.

The Sub-prime Mess Means Tremendous Opportunities

Within adversity and uncertainty lies opportunity for those with courage and foresight. Lending institutions, builders, hedge funds are writing off bad loans and are looking to unload REO properties. Institutions must unload these properties to protect their balance sheets and maintain liquidity.

How Big Is the REO Market?

Percent of outstanding mortgages in the U.S. in foreclosure = 2.5% (Mortgage Bankers Association)
72,000 notices of default were filed in CA from Jul - Sep 07. Assuming average price of $450,000 => $32.4 billion
70,000 homes in Detroit in various stages of foreclosure. Assuming $150,000 price point => $10.5 billion
994,000 homes currently in foreclosure (MBA Doug Duncan Dec 2007) at $225,000 = > $223 billion
Existing REO inventory 2006 estimate = $100 billion

Foreclosures in 2008
A rough estimate that 2008 will be at least as bad as 2007 leads to another million homes in foreclosure. Size of the upcoming foreclosure market = 1,000,000 homes at $250,000 = > $250 billion

Condo Conversions
In 2002, only 39 apartment buildings nationwide were converted into condominiums at a price of $950 million.  In 2005, that mushroomed to 823 projects at $30 billion! 

New Construction
We're seeing walk away numbers on new construction projects ranging anywhere from 20 to 30%. Just Miami alone has over 50,000 condos in various stages of completion. A conservative guesstimate would be anywhere around 300,000 new construction units at average prices of $250,000. Size of the potential market: at least $75 billion.

Large Inventory & Need for Disposition Spells Deep Price Discounts
Banks are unloading REO inventory and the cycle is in its infancy. Banks traditionally have not been holders of toxic real estate portfolios and this cycle is no different. They're writing off huge losses in the billions and taking huge hits to dispose of the inventory so they can maintain solvency.

Amidst the Blood On the Streets... Europeans, Japanese, Middle Eastern & Israeli Funds Are Actively Pursuing U.S. Real Estate Assets
In the midst of all panicked sellers, a number of international hedge funds and well funded entities are aggressively snapping up U.S. assets. REO acquisition and disposition is becoming one of the hottest markets on the Street and internationally. The predominance of our clients are large institutional buyers from Europe, the Middle East, Japan and Israel.

Stellar Returns Through Arbitrage

Multi tiered disposition networks are forming that allow our clients to quickly sell these properties through a variety of distribution channels at prices ranging from 70 to 80 cents on the dollar. Others are tranching up larger portfolios bought at 35 cents on the dollar and reselling smaller packages at 50 to 70 cents on the dollar. Long term investors are snapping up properties at 50 cents on the dollar in desirable markets such as California, creating positive cash flowing property and huge appreciation potential on the inevitable bounce back.

Lock In Value Equity A Complementary Strategy to REO Bulk Purchases
Lock In Value Equity is a unique product provided by one of our associate organizations. In summary, the protection enables owners to sell property at today's locked-in value in the event that the home falls in value at the time you go to sell it. REO investors can purchase at 30 to 50 LTV and enter into Lock In Value contracts based on appraised value creating a locked in spread on resale. Contact us for additional details.

Our mission statement is to always be forthright, ethical, and upstanding in all business transactions, yet expeditious enough to be able to assess any type of investment or sellers needs at any given time. We only affiliate ourselves with those of the same mindset; this allows us to keep our reputation and our clients' reputation on the same plateau, especially in an environment where we are presenting high-quality investments to our buyers and sellers.

A complete package is required before we introduce your buyer to our compliers. Proof of funds and letter of intent are required. (They will have 7 days for due diligence once the REO package is presented)

Brokers - Make sure to sign the non circumvent to protect yourself. When you're ready and have a buyer contact us at 800-859-9815 for immediate access to REO condos, homes nationwide at liquidation prices.

Buyer Profile & Proof Of Funds Required
In Order To Obtain Compiler Access



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