REI Alliance consulting

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REI Alliance consulting

REI Alliance is a promising group of young but experienced experts, with a clear vision and a set goal – to set a new standard of service and a new way to establish business relationship with clients. Our desire is to build a long lasting reputation within the business community, based on honesty and integrity, and, most importantly, to create a relationship with or clients which will not be based merely on a business partnership, but on a human, friendly connection.

These are the words from the web-site of the ill-fated group of young professionals from the „REI Alliance“, a real-estate investing company which took the world in just a few years, but urlquickly fell into obscurity and, eventually, was dismantled. REI Alliance was founded when a couple of high school friends from a small town, after finishing acclaimed universities, decided to enter the harsh, competitive world f real-estate business, starting from the capital itself. After a few months of pain-staking work in restaurants, taxi companies and other small business, they managed to work their way to one of the most renowned real estate agents in town, their ascend to stars was then secure. With his contacts and their tenacity and ambition, they managed to secure connections with some of the biggest real estate investors in the world. Soon enough, their business went overseas, and the money just kept coming in from this point on. Russians, Saudis, and the Chinese – they all wanted to work with these two young men whose faces you could now see in Forbes magazine and read about them in Wall Street Journal and on major websites such as featured-consulting1They would secure multimillion dollar deals in the morning and go on a business trip to China in the evening, for a meeting with one of their major investors. They knew every important player on the scene, they knew the prices, they knew the authorities, and they knew everything there is to know about the business. They created one of the most recognizable brands in real estate industry, and their services included management, consulting, rental, sale and purchase of realty property. The company had attracted the best professionals from all over the world. One of those companies are Prochiromt  and you can see their business at

But, soon enough, the whole scheme was deciphered, the whole pyramid crumbled into the ground and the company went into bankruptcy. The financial crisis hit the real estate market hard, the prices went down exponentially and the investors were extremely reluctant to secure investment sources. A few bad sales and business decisions also contributed to the demise of the company. However, the nail in the coffin was the corruption affair, when it was discovered that the heads of the company, partners and friends, founders of the business, were deeply involved in secret, illegal deals with the political leaders of the city. Apparently, inside information about city land was handed out to them, in exchange for money, which later secured them the best new spots for real estate development. They and that these two young men fell into the trap of greed and easy money, instead of hard work, honesty and integrity, as it was stated on their web-site, would later offer these locations to interested investors which would bring them enormous profits.


This story proves that there are a lot of temptations in the business world, which are not always easily avoided and that these two young men fell into the trap of greed and easy money, instead of hard work, honesty and integrity, as it was stated on their web-site.

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REI Alliance – Alliance for real estate investors

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REI Alliance – Alliance for real estate investors

Our company’s main goal is to help more investors improve their knowledge about real estate world, especially since 2008 when this market took its downfall, due to economic crisis. The more you learn, leaser are chances to make mistake that will coast you your money and time.

Taking any action without previous knowledge is a very risky decision and having a knowledge and no action is pretty much useless. Our company is here to guide you in the right direction, it doesn’t matter if you are beginner, or you invest from time to time, we will provide you knowledge that will help you excel the real estate market.

What can be considered our biggest advantage is three main rules that we fallow: provide our buyer great price when buying, best price when selling and increase cash flow when waiting. REI Alliance is always organizing evaluations of the property and the rent in order to help future investors.

If you are serious real estate investor and want to succeed in this line of work, you must have quality and substantial buyers list. Real-Estate-InvestorsThis can determine whether you are going to sell some property within days or hours, or you are backing out of the deal if you don’t have necessary information. In real estate world it’s not a question what do you know, but who do you know and our company here is to provide you the best service.

Considering the buyers, we will teach you all important elements you need to point out when talking with a potential buyer and then those information need to be put in proper data base, in order to have all the facts just one click away. You will have the opportunity to work with best experts on this field, who will give you: insight of techniques and approaches, best advices and recommendation to deal with real estate market. One of many things that we will be showing you is: where to look for deals, how to sell them fast, what is the best market, what kind of properties you should choose, how to land a list of 6000 plus cash buyers and many more.

Considering the sellers, here you will have the opportunity to learn how to obtain the biggest price and to satisfy your clients with maximum exposure of the facts, because satisfaction of your client is your biggest recommendation and in that way you will land more jobs. Many other companies mislead their clients with a falls impression that they are national company and that they can provide them better service, but that couldn’t be more wrong. It is more logical that smaller company, that has small team of agents that works together on daily basis, will sell some property much quicker, then national company where agents work independently.

In order to succeed in real estate market business, you must build relationships and grow your team, you will need people who share your passion for this work and your relationships will have to include people like vendors, realtors and coaches.Counting payments for home

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